Our Rooms


At the Mermaid Bar, we have a series of rooms that offer a different vibe and different experiences. When making a reservation you may request which room you would like to make your reservation in.

  • The Mermaid Room is where our main bar lives, and several tables that can seat from two to four people at a table. 

  • The Lounge, we designed our lounge for quiet conversation, with low lighting and a laid-back vibe, we seat only tables of two in this room.

  • The Emerald Room, this room offers larger tables and can seat groups of four or up to twelve people, upon request. 

  • The Rose Room, is another cozy room with its own unique personality, dark wood paneling, hot pink walls, and a botanical vibe. we can seat tables of two and up to ten in this room, upon request. 

  • Sailor's Library, this room is a private room reserved for members only with its own bar and secrets that are only revealed to our members. 



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