October Inspired Cocktails 

  • Skellington - a pumpkin painkiller with pumpkin puree, pineapple, orange, and coconut. Choose your favorite spirit. $15

  • Poison Apple - an apple pie cocktail made with baking spices & a pie crust rim. Choose your favorite spirit. $14

  • Dragon's Blood - Earthy with a touch of smoke and a hint of spice, lime, ginger, amaro, beetroot, EW, and tequila. $13

  • Nightmare On Elm Street - a sidecar style - apple cider, brandy, and orange liqueur. $14

  • Elvira’s Elixir - An incredibly drinkable yet complex masala chai cocktail. Choose your favorite spirit. $12

  • Mrs. Lovett - Go on a journey with this Thai iced tea cocktail. Choose your favorite spirit. $13

  • Beetlejuice - White rum, blue curacao, lemon juice, and nutmeg, say his name once, but don't say it 3 times. $14

  • Witches Brew - Blackberry, ginger beer, lemon, and a splash of a nutty liqueur. Choose your favorite spirit. $15

  • Monster Mash - Fig, tequila, thyme, and jalapeno, spicy and decadent. $14

  • Morticia - It's our signature Mermaid cocktail with a twist, mixed berries, orange liqueur, and a touch of mermaid magic. $12

  • Goblin King - a spicy dark chocolate & ancho pepper cocktail, served with dark chocolate shaving &  a dusting of ancho powder. Choose your favorite spirit. $14

Old Fashioned Variations - $14

Choose your spirit: Bourbon, Rye, American Single Malt, Reposado Tequila, Mezcal, or Aged Rum.

Served on a king cube.

  • Fig & Mexican Chocolate Bitters in a smoked glass

  • Pumpkin & Baking Spice Bitters

  • Apple & Black Walnut Bitters

  • Black Cherry & Ancho Bitters

  • Vanilla & Tobacco Bitters in a tobacco smoked glass

  • Habanero & Orange Bitters 

  • Grilled Peach & Aromatic Bitters

  • Roasted Pear & Lemon Bitters

  • Cardamom & Aromatic Bitters in a cinnamon smoked glass

  • Chipotle & Five Spice Bitters

Dessert Cocktails

  • Chocolate Martini - A house-made chocolate liqueur and dark chocolate shavings $16

  • Coffee Martini - With french pressed micro-roasted cold coffee and a house-made coffee liqueur $16

  • Champagne Cocktail - Lillet blanc, Santa Margharita Prosseco & lemon. Dusted with rose petals $17

  • Red Velvet - A house-made red velvet & chocolate liqueur, your spirit of choice, topped with Italian cherries & chocolate shavings $17